Board Meeting Etiquette – 5 Important Rules

Ask any successful tech person – working for a company means working with other people. This requires an understanding of board meeting etiquette – the unwritten rules of relationships.

How Can Board Directors Perform the Board Meeting Etiquette?

The Board of Directors is a collegiate governing body of a business company that exercises general management of its activities. It is formed in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation: members of the board of directors of the company are elected by the general meeting of shareholders by cumulative voting for a period until the next annual general meeting.

The work of the board of directors must be organized in accordance with the internal documents of the company, including the charter of the company, the code of corporate ethics, and other regulations for the work of the company’s bodies. Society itself is not limited in the creation of internal documents, the main condition is their compliance with the law. Here are tips and tricks that will help you better understand the rules of interaction with others and business etiquette and pave the way to success, no matter where you are on the career ladder.

Over the past year, the board meeting etiquette has implemented digital technologies, use corporate social networks, save documents in the cloud and communicate on projects in online groups. Therefore, giving assignments, discussing the status of projects and open questions on social networks has become a daily norm for us. It improved the quality of communication between colleagues. In the modern rhythm of business, it is very difficult to find time to read a long text. And if you need a quick and high-quality response, you need to write in essence, concisely, and pay attention to the purpose of the message.

What Are 5 The Most Important Rules of the Board Meeting Etiquette?

  1. Time is an art.

It is customary to set up a meeting, negotiations two or even three weeks in advance, because the working calendar of the Swiss is drawn up in advance.

  1. First of all, a plan.

The board meeting etiquette values partners who know how to plan and structure a business. The best recommendation for a new project is its clear structure and business plan. The ability to plan for the medium and long term is not just an accepted norm, but a feature of the mentality. If you have a plan, then you know how to think ahead, are internally organized, and have self-discipline – therefore, you can be trusted.

  1. Conferences and other events.

Here, any device that helps spread the word about the event is quite appropriate. Possible exceptions can be only very small events, conferences, where most of the participants are on you with technology. Here, a person clattering keys may look out of place.

  1. Business meetings in the company.

In this case, everything will depend on local traditions and the general informational equipment of the participants. In most high-tech companies, it is surprising rather than a lack of a laptop or smartphone.

  1. Meeting with a client.

At such meetings, your laptop should be closed and your phone set to silent mode. In the end, you should listen to whoever pays you money. If you need to write something down, bring a notepad and a pen. A laptop is appropriate only if you need a presentation of something with its participation.